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Workshop & After School Curriculum

Learn Jazz history and other genres of music derived from Jazz and its importance as an
American Art form.
Learn about core music concepts, instruments and great performers.
Learn the basics of playing and listening techniques from professional artists,
musicians and educators.
Hands on demonstration of all types of musical instruments and equipment.
Introduction to computers and iPad’s through multimedia projects exploring
creativity, technology, musicality and the digital recording of music.
Teach basic capabilities in the areas of innovation, collaboration, communication
and self-expression through music and media technology.

Anticipated Outcomes

The Mobile Jazz Project acknowledges the importance of
initiative in adolescents – particularly in the development of
21st century skills and the effectiveness of after school

The Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project will have promoted
positive youth development, creativity and entrepreneurial
skills and has the capability to give after school youthactivities
an equivalent status to school, family and peers as
an effective context for development. The project works to
achieve a level of “critical consciousness” allowing youth of
all backgrounds, the opportunity to openly explore their
own potential using music, the arts and technology as tools
for communication and enrichment.

BenefitsLearn from master artists, musicians and educators
Increases achievement in all fields of study
Improves grades and standardized test scores
Improves real time communication skills
Mentoring by exceptional Male and Female role models
Provides the opportunity to participate in a variety of disciplines and capacities
Daily live performances and talks by world-class musicians
Develops time management skills, self-expression and open mindedness
Provides opportunities to engage in positive musical, artistic and social activities within supervised settings.