Welcome to Mobile Jazz! Call us: (651) 274 9956 and send e-mail: info@mobilejazzproject.org

Our Mission

To Utilize Jazz Music, All Its Derivatives, History, Art, Media,
Technology And Youth Social Work To Promote Critical
Thinking, Communication And Self Expression.
To Provide After School Programing, Park Workshops
And Free Concerts, As Safe And Diverse Forums For Civic
Engagement And Cultural Enlightenment For All Ages
And Nationalities.


We believe creativity is as important in
education as literacy and we treat it with
the same respect and by encouraging
creative expression and opportunities to
learn; those opportunities become real
and inspired through direct involvement
and mentoring.

Community (Common – Unity)

Community youth, music and arts research has increased the value of learning outside
of school time. Rather than viewing youth as high-risk, dangerous and in need of
reform, researchers explain that quality programs view youth as assets and
resources, they specifically recommend providing intentional leadership and
learning opportunities in such programs.The Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project is in accord with these principles.